Mountain bike racing!

Weird. 2 years ago, I would never have thought about riding dirt. Then I got a cross bike. Now…I sit here about to head off to a training ride for the 2nd event in DORBA’s 2012 Frozen Endurance Series on Feb 18:

Boulder Park Frozen Endurance

I’ll be in the 4 hour men’s solo event.

IC3 Spoke Director Todd Gillman will be manning the tent to give shade, rest and fellowship to all that stop by. Please come out and watch/cheer for all competitors (this isn’t CycloCross…no heckling!)


Cyclocross racing this Thursday…come race or spectate!

Come out to Woodcreek church in Richardson this Thursday to race or cheer on team IC3 as we go flying through the course!

If you are not familiar with Cyclocross, think “obstacle course on bikes.” Straights, dirt, run-ups, barriers to jump over, sweat, pegged heart rates. Good times! Cyclocross bikes look like a blend of Mountain Bikes and Road bikes. If you don’t have a ‘cross bike, bring out the MTB, but take off the bar-ends first.

More info here:
Thursday Cyclocross Series

First race at 6pm. We’ll be there early to set up the IC3 tent…probably somewhere between 4 and 5.

If you are there to spectate, bring your football fan voice, and cowbells. Racers love when the crowds are into it ๐Ÿ™‚


Saturday Ride 09/17

Come join us either at the 8:00 or 9:00 ride from Richardson Bike Mart coit/campbell. A few of us do the 8:10. Ride the 36 mile Tour de Allen and on the way back stop at Los Rios/Renner turn and wait for the 9:10 group to ride another loop. Makes for a great ride. Ends up being a 53 or so mile ride. Look for the IC3 kits. The 8:10 and 9:10 are 36 mile rides.

Todd Kelly

Texas Time Trials

After talking about it for more than a year, Todd ‘OT’ Gillman and I mailed off our application to enter the 6-hour event in the UMCA Texas Time Trials on September 22-24. What we didn’t know a year ago is that we would be riding a tandem!

Please pray for us as we train and prep, as well as for good teamwork and communication that is essential to successful tandem riding. I’m trying hard to not be a “Back saddle driver” ๐Ÿ™‚

I am thinking of making this into a fund raising ride, similar to the MS150 with the proceeds going to support one or more of our International spokes (or “spokes-to-be”). Can you pledge to help us raise money on a “per mile” basis? Flat donations are great as well, but the per-mile thing may help us go that extra lap when we’re tired…

Also, we will be bringing the trailer and tent as well as some neutral water for other teams that may have underpacked their own support cooler. This ride is self-supported and lots of folks have never done this sort of ride before. I messed up myself in 2006 and brought the wrong type of hydration…limited me to 80 miles instead of to 100 I was shooting for.

We are signed up as “Team”

If you want to make a pledge…just add a comment below or email me:


MS150 Hotels

If you are wanting to stay at a hotel for the MS150 you better hurry up. They are going fast. First one I called was sold out. The next one I called was about to be. Sleep Inn is sold out. Motel 6 has a few left.